Hidden Slides / Background

In this documentary we get to know approachable and inspirational Australian role models in all major space organisations across the globe – who are succeeding in space right now – all linked to an overarching backbone story to keep us engaged.

Young Australians do not grow up with locally designed or made tangible technology – no Australian computers, cars, phones, or even lawnmowers – and so are born consumers of overseas technology, without a vision that they can participate in the new economy.

This documentary is not just about space, satellites and science, it’s about aspirational role models, national pride, confidence and showcasing Australia’s wider technological capabilities, and setting aspirational and achievable goals.

For a backbone story we have connected with the teams behind the rocket launch from the Northern Territory in 2020, and also the Sydney University Rocketry Team who are mixing it with the best in an overseas competition.

We have an adventure, a world first, and a deadline – this will be a compelling story.

FOUR NASA Rocket Launches from Australia in 2020!