Xorigin communicates brand stories using innovation, creativity, refined discipline, experience, and a deep understanding of emerging video, AR, VR, and 360 delivery technology.

We also create and build experiences with our in-house designers and engineers - allowing audiences to physically touch your brand, and your brand to touch them back.

We have personally trained crews in; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangalore, UK, parts of Africa, and the USA.

We enjoy our work, and like to work with new and interesting people who hopefully enjoy their time working with us. Everyone has a story. We will help you tell yours.


After producing broadcast-standard satellite TV for more than 3 years, Darryl Thoms established Xorigin with Wayne Arnold in 2004. Prior to this, Darryl worked as a pro photographer and copywriter in Tokyo for 2 years, where he met Wayne - a product designer and script writer who also worked in Tokyo. The Japanese refinement and design sensibilities that helped shape our creative practise are in some ways still reflected in all our work today.

From that hands-on technical creative background, we built teams of story-telling collaborators with a solid understanding of all facets of process, web streaming and experiential technology.

Often at the forefront of technical and production developments, Xorigin continues to innovate. We are not waiting for the future, now is the future...